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VTE Teacher Training Course- II

Welcome to TTC 2

This year the Teacher Training Course 2 will be taught in VIHE by H.G. Aniruddha Das. The dates are November 17 - 22.

The VTE Teacher Training Course II is a 36-hour seminar for devotees wishing to organize and facilitate courses and presentations. It is especially recommended for those pursuing outreach, training, and education within ISKCON. We focus on classroom-delivery skills, particularly those required for an interactive and experiential approach to teaching. Students will be trained to take into consideration, and address, the needs and learning styles of varied audiences. These skills embrace the best of both progressive and traditional (Vaisnava)culture.

Each student is required to prepare and deliver one five-minute and one forty-minute presentation. There is little or no written assessment. The VTE Teacher Training Course I Certificate is a pre-requisite (unless, at the discretion of the teacher, the candidate is considered to have the requisite skills, or the candidate has professional experience).

For further information and registrations please contact the VIHE Office:
ISKCON Goshala Land.
From 10:00 a.m. till 2:00 p.m.

Phone: +91 70 60 690 226 (Damodarastaka das)
For admissions: