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VIHE Intensive Online Bhakti-sastri Course

The year in separation - 2020

This year the VIHE courses will be starting on the 21st of July with Bhakti-sastri and the first part of Bhakti-vedanta. Due to the current pandemic situation, the courses will be held online.
As any activity is done with some aim or goal in mind, similarly, the VIHE study courses have been structured to meet the aims defined by the Vaisnava Training and Education. This kind of structured study does not only enhance the knowledge of the students, but also enables them to preach better, see the world from a sastric perspective, enhance their faith and conviction, cultivate vaisnava qualities and apply the sastric knowledge in their personal lives.

Special features of online courses:

The online courses will retain the same schedule as our regular on-site courses. The online Bhakti-sastri course will be an intensive course with 2 classes (of up to 2 hours) per day six days a week. There will be assignments to be completed, slokas to be memorized, essays to be submitted and exams to prepare for. There will be japa sessions, value classes, dhama darsana and festivals. A special effort will be made to bring remembrance of Sri Vrndavana Dhama to the heart. Classes will be held on Zoom, Webex or a similar platform. To register, contact


July 21 - November 30, 2020 (4 months 10 days)


According to the standards of the ISKCON Board of Examination students must chant a minimum of 16 rounds of the Hare Krishna maha-mantra daily and follow the 4 regulative principles in order to qualify for obtaining a Bhakti-sastri degree. We require 2 recommendation letters by senior devotees in good standing. The letters must attest the student's character, brahminical tendencies, service attitude and sadhana. The candidate should be proficient in English.

Course Content:

  • Bhagavad-gita (all 18 chapters) – 87 classes
  • Nectar of Devotion (first 19 chapters) – 21 classes
  • Sri Isopanishad – 15 classes
  • Nectar of Instruction – 14 classes
  • An introduction to Deity Worship - 5 classes
  • Sanskrit pronunciation and meter - 3 classes

  • Bhakti Dhira Damodara Svami
  • Sarvabhauma Dasa
  • Adi-purusa Dasa
  • Pranesvara Dasa
  • Vamsi-vadana Dasa
  • Buddhimanta Dasa
  • Nityananda Dasa
  • Madhusudana Visnu Dasa
  • Prasanta Devi Dasi

Assessment: Essays, closed book exams and oral assessment of slokas. Sadhana, service, cooperation and attendance at extracurricular activities are also taken into account.

Admissions closed

About Contributions:

The contribution towards the course is 12,500 rupees (listener only: Rs. 7,000). Please note that contributions cover the study materials and administrative expenses connected with conducting the course.

Contact Information:

VIHE c/o ISKCON Goshala,
Parikrama Marg,
Raman Reti, Vrindavan,
Mathura Dist., 281121,
U.P., India
Phone: +91 99 45 707 477 (Vrajendra Nandana Dasa)
  Whatsapp: +91 90454 85109 (Sakti Svarupini Devi Dasi)
For admissions:

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